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Esoteric Lessons for the First Class (Vol. 3, paperback)
During the re-founding of the Anthroposophical Society at Christmas 1923, Rudolf Steiner also reconstituted the 'Esoteric School' which had originally...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Esoterica Rudolf Steiner Published On April 30, 2022
$ 16.95
Fairy Tales
From the contents of this lecture: "Fairy tales and sagas are comparable to a good angel, granted human beings as...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Fantasy Rudolf Steiner Published On August 22, 2019
$ 9.95
Favela Children
Ute Craemer is an educator and social worker who has dedicated over fifty years of her life to teaching and...
Paperback Anthroposophy Ute Craemer Published On May 31, 2022
$ 19.95
Fire Borne
FIRE BORNE tells the story of the Anthroposophical Society in America, a small spiritual group inspired by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925),...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Historical, Special Jean W. Yeager Edition First Published On January 31, 2023
$ 29.95 $ 25.00
Healthy Thinking Healthy Thinking
“We are thinking of a renewal of the whole scientific and spiritual worldview of the present into the near future.”...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Philosophy Rudolf Steiner Published On November 30, 2022
$ 24.95
Journey to the Stars
The Journey to the Stars brings twelve exciting stories to children everywhere. From a journey through the 12 constellations, to...
Paperback Children, Fantasy, Waldorf Frank Thomas Smith Published On May 31, 2022
$ 16.95
Leonardo’s Spiritual Stature
"The three great masters of the Renaissance [Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael] strove to work in the spirit of that age. And...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Historical Rudolf Steiner Published On June 26, 2019
$ 12.95
Life On Mars
Pool Hall buddies discover one of their bunch is harboring a visitor from Mars ... huh? And they try to...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Fantasy, Little Books Frank Thomas Smith Published On November 20, 2022
$ 6.20
Love in the Life of Spies
Love in the Life of Spies is, as its title suggests, a love story between two spies during the Cold...
Paperback Anthroposophy Frank Thomas Smith Published On February 28, 2023
$ 16.95
Raphael’s Mission
This lecture on Raphael points to an ever greater inwardness or "internalizing" of the human soul in the future development...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Historical Rudolf Steiner Published On December 14, 2018
$ 6.99
The Coronavirus Pandemic II
From the Foreword: In this book, the main focus is not on the distressing social developments that have arisen as...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Health & Fitness, Medicine Judith von Halle Published On June 1, 2022
$ 16.95
The Foundation Course The Foundation Course
A course of 18 lectures and discussions given in Dornach, Switzerland in 1921. In this course, in which more than...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Religion Rudolf Steiner Published On July 31, 2022
$ 24.95