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On Art and Aesthetics

- Collected essays on art, philosophy, natural science, aesthetics and psychology
 Format: Paperback  Author: Rudolf Steiner  Category: Anthroposophy, Art, Coming Soon!  Reading Age: Adult  Grade Level: Senior High School  Publisher: Anthroposophical Publications  Published: November 30, 2023  Pages: 84  Language: English  Dimension: 6" x 0.22" x 9"  Illustrator: Gerard Wagner  Translator: James D. Stewart  Add to Cart

Rudolf Steiner’s articles and essays are a wealth of information. As a for instance, here are seven essays on Art and Aesthetics from the collected work, Methodological Foundations of Anthroposophy 1884-1901, Bibliography No. 30. There are two essays on Herman Grimm, one essay each on Tolstoy and Franz Brentano, and selected articles on Beauty and Art, Truth and Probability of Art, and The Gifted Man, by Hermann Türck, in two parts. And, it’s illustrated. The cover painting is by Gerard Wagner and with an introduction by Rudolf Steiner.

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