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Historical Excerpts from Anthroposophical Publications

Anthroposophical Publications, AnthroPubs for short, is the publishing wing of The e.Lib, Inc., and is pioneering a new publishing model: presenting documents online at the same time as hard copies are available for purchase: We are primarily (but not exclusively) concentrating on works with an Anthroposophical focus, including English translations of more than 3,000 Rudolf Steiner lectures that, up to this point, have never been translated into English. “Research Rudolf Steiner’s works online … buy the book to study at home.”

Rudolf Steiner, from The Kingdom of Childhood, 20th August 1924: “As to whether French and German should be taught from the beginning in an English School, I should first like to say that I think this must be settled entirely on grounds of expediency. If you simply find that life is making it necessary to teach these languages, you must teach them. We have introduced French and English into the Waldorf School, because with French there is much to be learnt from the inner quality of the language, not found elsewhere, namely, a certain feeling for rhetoric which it is very good to acquire, and English is taught because it is a universal world language and will become so more and more.”

A number of translators from all over the world are volunteering their efforts, including Peter Stebbing, Frank Thomas Smith, Hanna von Maltitz, Luise M. Boeddinghaus, and Nesta Carsten.

This is also a venue for Anthroposophically-oriented authors to publish original works without paying to self-publish or entering into disadvantageous arrangements with publishers.

Some volumes are currently available for purchase at Amazon.com. Barnes & Noble (in the store and on-line), on our website, and at other booksellers around the world. We always have a number of works in process.

Anthroposophical Publications and Rudolf Steiner Publications are imprints of The e.Lib, Inc., the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit initiative that is the umbrella company for several Anthroposophically-oriented initiatives. Our books are offered at reasonable prices made possible by print-on-demand technology.

Publication Services for Authors and Translators

    • On-demand printing (hardcover and paperback), eBooks, and/or an on-line presence
    • Pre-publication Services:
      • up-front start-up costs for your book,
      • ISBNs for all of your book’s format options,
      • collaborative cover design,
      • professional editing of your content,
      • proofreading by multiple readers,
      • a true shared experience in bringing your ideas to fruition.