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Powered by Thinking

Have you ever wondered what those many and varied “Powered by ...” buttons are trying to say? You know, the ones that appear on many websites: like “Powered by Apache,” or “Powered by MySQL” (see below for some hints). In a nutshell, they're saying that the experience you are having — viewing this website — is, in part, made possible by the product/service/software identified.

More than just that such-and-such is made possible, it is, indeed, powered by it — strengthened by its' presence, made better by its' existence, enhanced by merely being there. WOW!! This must be some super-wonderful thing, you may say.

While The e.Lib is powered by many of these, it is also powered by something else: voila, the new button for the Thinking visitor:

Thinking Button

And none too soon ... Thinking is the start of something big. Virtually all things proceed from thinking. When followed by Feeling, and Willing ... well, you can read up on what Rudolf Steiner says about these three abilities — Thinking, Feeling, and Willing — by searching our site:


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SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language, used to create and access databases. MySQL is the Internet's most popular database software product based on SQL. Apache is the most used Web Server on the internet. Both of these tools are used here at The e.Lib.