The Impulse of Renewal for Culture and Science


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This is a First Edition English translation of a series of seven lectures, entitled The Impulse of Renewal for Culture and Science, and published in German as, Erneuerungs-Impuls fuer Kultur und Wissenschaft (Bn/GA/CW Number 81 in the Bibliographical Survey, 1961). This course was organized by the Federation of Anthroposophical University Work and the Berlin Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. It was the aim of the organizers, through lectures by various speakers, to “give an impression of what suggestions in various fields can be given by anthroposophy.” For each course day, Rudolf Steiner gave the introductory lecture. In these lectures, Steiner explains the relationships between Anthroposophy and the natural sciences, philosophy, pedagogy, theology, the social sciences, and linguistics. He also brings to light the biological differences between humans and animals from an anthroposophical perspective.


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