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The Kite of Your Genius (eBook)

- ... Lifts Your Community
 Format: eBook  Author: Jean W. Yeager  Category: Anthroposophy, Culture, New, Special  Reading Age: Adult  Grade Level: Senior High School  Publisher: Anthroposophical Publications  Published: February 29, 2024  ISBN-13: 978-1-948302-59-3  ASIN: B084X8VLML  Pages: 80  Language: English  Add to Cart
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It’s simple, really.
We are like kites. The vertical stick of the kite of your Genius runs between yourself and the spiritual world where you get your inspirations and insights. The horizontal stick runs between us to our family and community.
We bend or arc these sticks through our efforts or experiences so that our kite can not just survive in the headwinds of life, but gain lift and rise up. This book helps us understand how we fine-tune the airfoil of our lives to withstand even greater headwinds.
The secret is that the kite of you, of your Genius, is connected with many others — friends, family, or workplace. When you rise, you lift them, too.

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Jean W. Yeager

Jean W. Yeager: Former Administrative Director of the Anthroposophical Society in America (1996-2006), Waldorf Dad and Grand-Dad, Practicing Quaker, Prison Volunteer. Professional writing web site:

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