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An Outline of Occult Science

- A Modern Edition
 Format: Paperback  Author: Rudolf Steiner  Category: Amazon, Anthroposophy  Reading Age: Adult  Grade Level: Senior High School  Publisher: Independently Published  Published: July 4, 2019  ISBN-10: 1078035431  ISBN-13: 978-1078035439  Pages: 338  Language: English  Dimension: 8 x 0.76 x 10 inches  Item Weight: 1.48 lbs  On-Line  Buy from Amazon
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The Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner is not a theoretical system, but the results of research based on direct observation. As Steiner’s research was so vast and conducted over such a long period of time, no single book can be said to contain the whole of his spiritual teaching. However, of all his books Occult Science comes closest. Steiner even referred to it as “an epitome of anthroposophic Spiritual Science.” The book systematically presents the fundamental facts concerning the nature and constitution of the human being and, chronologically, the history of the universe and humankind.

Whereas the findings of natural science are derived from observations made through the senses, the findings of Spiritual Science, or Anthroposophy, are “occult” inasmuch as they arise from direct observation of realities hidden to ordinary perception. And yet these elements of humanity and the universe form the foundation of the sense world. A substantial part of Occult Science is taken up with a description of the preliminary training needed to make such spiritual observations.

Given his energetic involvement in practical initiatives and extensive lecturing, Steiner had little time to write books. Of those he did write, four titles form an indispensable introduction to his later teaching: The Philosophy of Freedom (GA 4); Theosophy (GA 9); Knowledge of the Higher Worlds (GA 10); and of An Outline of Occult Science (GA 13).

An Outline of Occult Science is a translation from German of Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss (GA 13).

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Rudolf Steiner [1861-1925]: This is the guy who designed the Goetheanum I and II, developed Waldorf Education, Curative Education, a new art form, Eurythmy, and is the Father of Organic Architecture! He did some other pretty creative stuff, also. One...

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