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Art As a Bridge Between the Sensible and the Supersensible
This short lecture comes from a series on social issues and includes the reminder to recognize that everyone has a...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Political Science Rudolf Steiner Edition First Published On March 25, 2022
$ 13.20
Artemis and the Artemision
With the ruins of the Artemis temple almost non-existent today, it is perhaps not surprising that little interest is generally...
Paperback Art, Historical Peter Stebbing Published On March 25, 2022
$ 15.95
Fairy Tales
From the contents of this lecture: "Fairy tales and sagas are comparable to a good angel, granted human beings as...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Fantasy Rudolf Steiner Published On August 22, 2019
$ 9.95
Leonardo’s Spiritual Stature
"The three great masters of the Renaissance [Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael] strove to work in the spirit of that age. And...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Historical Rudolf Steiner Published On June 26, 2019
$ 12.95
On Art and Aesthetics
Rudolf Steiner's articles and essays are a wealth of information. As a for instance, here are seven essays on Art...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Coming Soon! Rudolf Steiner Published On November 30, 2023
$ 14.95
Raphael’s Mission
This lecture on Raphael points to an ever greater inwardness or "internalizing" of the human soul in the future development...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Historical Rudolf Steiner Published On December 14, 2018
$ 6.99
The Worldview of Herman Grimm
In content, this translation into English of Rudolf Steiner’s lecture on the art historian, author and researcher Herman Grimm, can...
On-line, Paperback Anthroposophy, Art, Historical Rudolf Steiner Published On November 4, 2019
$ 14.95