Hanna von Maltitz

Hanna von Maltitz is nother fine translator, Hanna is in South Africa in her studio where she creates beautiful works of Art. She is not only a translator, but a very fine, award winning artist who has had several single artist showings. You can read her translations here, and admire her artistry at the Fine Art Presentations site.

Healthy Thinking
“We are thinking of a renewal of the whole scientific and spiritual worldview of the present into the near future.”...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Philosophy Rudolf Steiner Published On November 30, 2022
$ 24.95
The Essence of the Active Word
The first part of this volume contains four lectures which Rudolf Steiner gave to the priests of the “Christian community,”...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Coming Soon!, Religion Rudolf Steiner Published On December 15, 2023
$ 14.95
The Foundation Course
A course of 18 lectures and discussions given in Dornach, Switzerland in 1921. In this course, in which more than...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Religion Rudolf Steiner Published On July 31, 2022
$ 24.95
The Impulse of Renewal for Culture and Science
This is a First Edition English translation of a series of seven lectures, entitled The Impulse of Renewal for Culture...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Culture, Political Science, Science Rudolf Steiner Published On December 14, 2018
$ 9.95
The Social Question
This book is a First Edition, never before translated into English, series of six lectures. Rudolf Steiner gave these lectures...
Paperback Anthroposophy, Threefolding Rudolf Steiner Edition First Edition Published On November 13, 2017
$ 16.95